Monday, 1 May 2017

My new favourite foundation! CATRICE HD LIQUID Coverage Foundation cheap 7usd

I bought the 'long lasting foundation' from etude house on viewtycos. Althought it has many many good review, however, it looks cakey and the 'beige' colour doesnt even match my face.
I was shopping around guardian, and saw this CATRICE brand in guardian. I was looking for a new foundation, so this brand caught my eye because it was cheap. This foundation only cost me RM30. (7usd)

 I prefer liquid type foundation

The finish is really natural. It is better than the one I bought in Sephora 3ce Back to Baby cream.(rm90)
I dont need powder anymore, I choose the rose beige and it quite suits my skin colour. It is really mattifying. I promise it wont cake! :)
The coverage was quite good, medium.
I even saw they have RM 10 lipstick on shelf! 
Catrice will be my new favourite brand :D

Monday, 27 February 2017

Viewtycos korean cosmetic online shop review haul CHEAP

Recently I discovered a Korean online shop. I decided to give a try, because it was cheaper than TK!! :D
The site name Viewtycos
I bought total 9 items, I placed an order and paid at 13 February, and the parcel reach at 28 February, it took 15 days. However, on the tracking page, it stopped updating after dispatched. It stated 800g on the website for the postage, but it dint state any weight on the parcel.

The packaging is ok. 

 Dont need to worry because everything is wrapped nicely with the bubble plastic wrap
The bottom

 Everything was nicely wrapped.
After unpack all bubble wraps. 
 TONY MOLY Easy Touch Coloring Browcara (I had never use this before)
[THE FACE SHOP] Black Label Lipstick 
 [SKINFOOD] Rice Mask Wash Off Pack
 [ETUDE HOUSE] Double Lasting Foundation - Color: No.Beige
 [NATURE REPUBLIC] Botanical Water Proof Eyeliner New - Color_No: No.02 Brown
 [ETUDE HOUSE] My Lash Serum 
 [SKINFOOD] Egg White Pore Mask - (New)
 [INNISFREE] Moisture Lip Treatment
[TONYMOLY] Make HD Hair Bleach

Overall :
I choosed this website, because this website is much more cheaper than TesterKorea. Although this site's postage is more expensive than TK, but the price is definitely worth it.
I put two same item in the cart in both TK and VC website, I save 7 USD in VC site.  (include total postage and the prices)
There's an item which they sell 1.40 USD 

[INNISFREE] Olive Real Skin but the weight is 267 g. 

This site doesnt give free samples like TK, however, this site do also reply email. 
The items' box I bought was good in shape, it was like just out of factory. The hair bleach expired date is 2019 - 11 -30 
Mizon product on their site is all free postage fee. (worth it) 
Their site is having alot of discount, like Berrisom is much more cheaper.
So far, this is the cheapest site I could find. However, this site is really lag. Someone it disconnected then I have to close all tabs and open again. TK's site is more easier to use. VC doesnt have enough product description. (Nevermind, normally I search the product review on blogs) 
Their product range is lesser than TK. 
(I live in Asia, so the parcel would arrive around 2 weeks)
Overall, I'd like to give this site a 4.3 / 5 rating,  for the cheap price, and the service. 
Thanks for reading!

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Innisfree Super Volcanic Clay Mousse mask review

I bought this at 16 USD, 70 MYR.
I dont think you can easily find this on korea beauty online shop because this is a spray product.
I bought this because the container one is dryer than this, and hard to scope out, will get into our nails. This mousse spread evenly on your face.
After using this since last September at least once a week, I say....
After using this, my face is lesser oily than before, I use this AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK. This product really needs to use lukewarm water to wash off, if not it will be really hard to wash it. After using, my ance become lessly because my face is less oily. My face now has 0 zero black pore, but still have abit small white pore. This product can use 6 months if you use once a week. (One spray is enough to cover whole face)  You can try doing twice a week too. This product is really hard to wash off. And now I learnt something new: those sheet mask are useless, those mask which are thicker and comes with container are 100% more efficient, cheap, and useful. 
After use : no more black pore (still have a bit white pore), less oily forehead even I had bangs, tighten my pore (less visible) 

Skin Food Black Sugar Mask Wash Off review 블랙슈가 마스크 워시 오프

 I bought this mask at 2016, at around 6 USD which is 35 MYR.
I bought this from TesterKorea. I bought it because I had heard good review from it.
You can buy at a cheaper price at 2.51 USD ( 12 MYR) at HERE. (samples, total 117g,  but they are out of stock now, you can request them to refill and stock up.)
 I dint use this mask much, because at first I thought it makes no difference and useless at all. But recently I start to us this mask CORRECTY, and it works!
It says: A mask that contains mineral-enriched Brazilian black sugar, and promotes smooth glowing skin.
How to use: After cleansing, massage onto damp face, avoiding the eye and mouth areas, To minimize irritation, add water or toner while massaging. Leave for 10~15 minutes. Rinse off with lukewarm water.
My opinion: This mask really works if you scrub well on your face. This is NOT a mask. It is like a scrub, exfoliating the skin. 
My way of using it: Make sure your face is damp and wet, use your finger and scope out some, then gently apply massaging your face 3-5 mins. Make sure you did not skip nose. After 10 mins you can see the sugar melt on your face, then wash it. (Does not must require lukewarm water to wash off.)
After using it, I realize my face is really smooth and my face brighter abit. It doesnt dry the face at all. 
This mask is cheap too, can use ALOT of times. The scent smells like toilet cleaner, but it doesnt burden me at all.
Can you see? It really had sugar in it!

After using this mask and wash off, MAKE SURE you wash your basin clean too, if not ants will come to had party. If you have long nails, it is better to use a spatula to scope out the black sugar,  and use a brush pack to apply on your face. The sugar will stuck inside your nails if you have long nails. 
I have dry lips everyday, I use it to exfoliate my lips, it dint irritate. It remove the dead skin but did not moisture my lips.

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Korean Cosmetic with cheaper price!

Korean cosmetic are 'cheap' for some country like US / UK.
But for some country, they are not affordable because of the postage.
I discovered a cheaper way to get those cosmetic / day care product in cheaper price!
Pros: The price is junk cheap. 100% Authentic, no risk, cheaper postage.
Cons: No container, limited choices, once open you need to keep it safely, because it is just only sample package.

okay, let me explain how to:
lets compare the price

lets see. this price with container, 30g, 12 USD.
this is the sample. if you want to buy the same G with the original one, that means 2 USD  x 3 = 6USD. with 6 usd you can get this BB!!

Not only etude, you can find alot of brand like SK-II sulwahsoo missha innisfree and alot of samples here with cheaper price!!!!
Good site if you want to buy sulwhasoo products.
and they got outlet
go to this site:

the price is really low compare other store, and they have discounted price.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

BBIA Last Auto Gel Eyeliner review

I bought this BBIA Last Auto Gel Eyeliner at testerkorea at 5 USD EACH.
This product is really popular, because it is cheap, last long, and nice to use from what I heard.

 It really looks like a pen. Even if you put in your pencilbox, none will notice.

 Black is Noir, without glitter, Angel with glitter. 
 It comes with a sharpener at the end of the pen.
 Just use it like a sharpenerrr.
 The NOIR was really black, and the angel is a really nice colour to use at under eye :D
 After wiping three times with cleansing tissue.
After rubbing roughly with cleansing tissue, it still stays abit.

Although I heard really good reviews from many, but when I applied on my eyes, it still fade abit after hours and make my eyes looks like a panda. My eyes are oily. I wouldnt repurchase this product again, maybe not suitable for me D: 
However, water couldnt easily wipe off this product, it took me really long time to totally wipe off from eye.
The Angel 40 color staying power isnt so well.

TONY MOLY New Crystal Lovely Eyes review

 I bought this from TesterKorea, which cost me at 3.3 USD, around 15 MYR.
te. I choosed the white beam shade. It looks really white.
 The cushion~
Left one : cushion 
Right one: pen
The cushion looks really natural if applied on eyes.
It easily wipe off with the cleanser, but not water.
After three hours outdoor, it still stays there, did not totally fade out.