Saturday, 7 January 2017

HOLIKAHOLIKA Wonder Drawing 1 Sec. Finish Browcara review

 I had been using these two product for six months. Sorry if you see the right one's tube's is not in its original shape. D:

 I bought 1& 2 shade,which is Natural brown and light brown.
 The brushes
 Although it looks small, but it can use many times.
 My way if how I use it.
 First, take out the excess browcara gel.
 Make sure you also wipe out the shorter brush part.
For me, I prefer to use the shorter brush part to apply on my brow.
 light brown at left, and natural brown at right.
 💜💜💜💜💜 Natural brown.

Overall, I REALLY recommend you to buy this product. I will repurchase when I use finish.
This product is really water proof.
Even after I sweat, the colour is still there.
If you are wondering which colour you should choose, here's my guide.
If you have dark brown hair / natural brown hair without any dye/ under sunlight brown hair,
You can choose : Natural brown

If you have bleach brown hair, really light colour hair, 
You can choose light brown hair.

If you couldn't decide which colour you should choose, or your hair colour is messed up you dont know, I suggest you choose both of them. Apply the lighter colour one first at begin brown, then start on the arch part, apply the darker shade at the end of the brow.

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