Friday, 8 September 2017

Anyone has good payment method suggestion beside paypal?

Paypal is too expensive tbh. 
I bought something from Cosmetic Love with paypal, 
I bought 13 items with 154 MYR on Cosmetic Love, and the shipping was 35 MYR (The item are cheapest I could find, which means average 12 MYR per)
so shipping +items = 189 MYR
After I made payment, I got a msg stating paypal charged me 10 MYR. 
However when I checked my bank account, it charged me RM 19!!
mtfk extra charge me extra 9 MYR because of the transaction fee,
if it wasnt paypal was the only paying method, I won't use paypal at all. too expensive. 
I realize using visa is better than paypal in testerkorea, and I realized after buying five times .__., got double charge for alot times, nowonder i always felt the numbers are not right.
IT means they telling me they are charging me 2.38 USD, but instead charged me 4.52 USD. It not a small amount for me because it's like charging me for NOTHING. 
It means, 
If i pay for shipping + items + paypal transaction fees=
195 MYR
47 USD
one item 15 MYR /3.6 USD

but I got charged for nothing from paypal,

it means my utility from 15 MYR become 16 MYR
almost each items are charge 1 MYR.
with services like this, paypal is going to down one day. -.- however, in my country there isnt much ppl using paypal. not considerate system at all. 
fee transaction is too exp.

In my country, with 1.20 USD I can have average price of meal in the city, paypal, good business huh?
gfurself -.-